Our hardwood flooring is eco-friendly and the perfect solution for people susceptible to allergies as allergens have nowhere to hide. Hardwood has a timeless appeal and a longer lifespan than most other traditional home flooring. We have different board designs, sizes of wood and stain finishes giving you wide range of possibilities to transform your home into something that will last for generations.

Wood Stain Colors

Once  you have selected a style of wood it is time to choose the right finish. The color that you choose will set a certain mood for the room in question so it is important to select something suitable to your goals. Our designers consult with you in order to ensure that this process is smooth and that the right selection is made. Some of our favorites are Dark Walnut, Colonial Maple and Golden Oak.

Wood Vents

When you have a beautiful wood floor installed you will want to maintain that warm tranquil feeling that you get from it. In areas where vents are needed we recommend using wood vents over the standard plastic or metal ones. A.P. Floors can assemble wood air vents for use anywhere in your home. Our floor vents can withstand foot traffic and weight. All of our wood vents are backed by a guarantee just like our other products.


Add a decorative touch to your wood floors with our beautiful wood medallions. We have many different options to choose from so you are bound to find something to suit your home. We also have wooden other wooden inlays that you suit your tastes. Let our designers help you with adding a personal touch to your investment.


Get your staircase renovated by A.P. Floors. We can match with hardwood to fit in with the rest of your flooring renovation project. Get rid of old worn out carpet and install wood flooring on your staircase. Our steps and stair treads won’t can handle traffic and weight and will last you a lifetime.

Waterborne Finish

To help protect your wood floor we recommend a good waterborne finish. There are several different finishes to choose from and the decision should be made based on which type of hardwood you have in place and what kind of traffic and activity takes place in this location. Our professional flooring specialists will provide consultation for choosing the right solution.

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