Frequently Asked Questions

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Can wood flooring help with my allergies?

Yes! With a wood floor installed in your home in place of carpet dust, bacteria and dirt have nowhere to embed themselves so the mount of allergens is severely reduced. These floors are also easier to clean so just maintain a regular cleaning schedule and you should have no problems.

How long can I expect a wood floor to last?

Generally speaking wood floors last for centuries. They are easy to clean so cleaning them regularly can keep these floors looking nice for a lifetime. If you find that your floors have become word we can sand the top layer and refinish it which will make it like new.

Will my pets have any effect on the wood floor?

The most common way that pets can have an effect on hardwood floors is by scratches from their claws. If you keep the claws of your pets neatly trimmed then you don’t have to worry about that. Try not to rest food and water containers directly on the floor where pets might slide them around while trying to get what’s inside.

Can I install wood flooring over an existing floor?

This depends on the type and condition of the floor. Hardwood can be floated or glued down depending on the situation. The original flooring must be assessed before a clear answer is given. Contact us for a consultation.

Can I use hardwood floor in my kitchen?

Due to food preparation and liquids the likelihood of spills is more common. It is important to keep the area clean and dry when you decide to install a wood floor in the kitchen.